On February 18, at our virtual 2021 Citywide Assembly we kicked off voting on our Citywide Investment Plan. Voting is one of the most important parts of the Ujima ecosystem. It is our vehicle for designing, planning and investing in the city and economy we truly deserve. We cannot act without you: we need 51 percent of you to make this vote binding. 

Today, we’re inviting you to participate in everyday democracy with us. Every Voting Member gets one vote regardless of if you’ve invested, and as a collective, we only succeed if you participate!

In this round, you will ratify the 2021 Citywide Investment Plan. Then, you can add new names of BIPOC-owned businesses for the 2022 Citywide Investment Plan.

  1. VOTING REGISTRATION: Check your membership status by logging in at bit.ly/ujimamembers. You must be a voting member to vote.
  2. VOTING OPTIONS: When you login to your Member portal, you will click the button named "Citywide Investment Vote 2021" or under the dropdown menu that asks, "What would you like to do?," select “Visit Ujima Voting Commons,” which will take you to the site where you can find the ballots as well as video tutorials on voting. You can vote online or by paper ballot. We have three versions of the ballot that you can choose from. Login to your member portal to view all ballots and instructions here.
  3. VOTING SCHEDULE: Cast your Vote by Friday May 7th, 2021! All paper ballots must be postmarked by this date. All online voting must be completed by 11:59PM.
  4. PHONE A FRIEND: After you’ve completed your ballot, sign up to remind or encourage other members to vote! Click here to sign up to contact a friend.
  5. Phone bank with us: On April 21 and 28 we will be running phonebanking sessions for the vote. Click here to sign up.