There is a world of abundance, solidarity, and hope waiting to burst through the cracksin the surface of our city’s economy... Together we can make that world thrive.

THE BOSTON UJIMA PROJECT is a democratic, member-run organization building cooperative eco-nomic infrastructure in Boston, with a mission to return wealth to working class communities of color. Ujima is bringing together neighbors, workers, business owners, investors, grassroots organizers, and culture-makers, to create a community-controlled economy in our city.

Ujima was born from a shared desire for real solutions to racial wealth inequality, poverty, unemployment, and displacement in our neighborhoods. Metropolitan Boston, per capita, is one of the five wealthiest regions on the globe, but median household wealth for US Black families in Boston is just $8, compared to $247,000, for white families. 2 out of 5 children in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan live in poverty; and Black business owners are vastly underrepresented in the success of our city’s economy. Current efforts by the government to address complex problems like poverty, unemployment, and housing access are not meeting our needs. Ujima is challenging poverty and developing our communities by organizing our savings, businesses and customers to grow local wealth and meet our own needs.

Our communities are full of treasures and untapped collective genius. We believe that a more justand resilient economy is possible in Boston, an economy where community members come togetherto democratically pool our resources and make good decisions for ourselves, our communities, and future generations.

Ujima believes that to face the systemic challenges of inequality and poverty, we need to build a creative, interlocking system of tools and strategies. We need to transform the way we live, work, shop, invest, and come together as a community. Each of these pieces contribute to an Ujima ecosystemthat will empower working-class communities to lead the creation of a more just and sustainable local economy.

︎︎︎A Community-Controlled Investment Fund
︎︎︎Alternative Local Currency


︎︎︎Arts and Cultural Organizing

︎︎︎Worker Empowerment
︎︎︎Institutional Support
︎︎︎Financial and Political Education

There is a place for you in Ujima, as a member and investor. Become a member today on our website. Connect with us online or join us for our weekly meetings at 6pm every Wednesday.

#RewriteTheRules #AnotherBostonIsHappening