Work Samples:



Thamanaï Jeremie is the mother of two wonderful children, and is a multiple disciplinary performer. As an educational provider and the author of the self published children’s book, “Kindergarten with Charlie”. Thamanai deals with themes of social anxiety and learning. As a person who has struggled through early learning obstacles, she feels that her short story about a child on their first day of kindergarten is one that so many people can relate to. Currently, Thamanaï is also working as an emerging poet and a singer. 

Artist Statement:

My work is motivated by my desire to tend to black Mothers and inspire them to create, embrace art and all it has to offer.

Project Description:

I am looking to do a music and poetry project for adult audiences with an EP and a bonus chapbook to match the songs. 

Love is universal. Black love touches so many different groups and is not exclusive to black heteronormative couples. Black love is a haven from oppression and revolutionary struggle and it is not exclusive to any age either. Black love deals with family dynamics, friendships and romance.