Work Samples



SZND Media Group (SMG) is a creative agency that was founded in Mattapan, MA in spring of 2018. Combining the collective talents of a record producer, talent manager, and event producer the group formed out of a shared interest in the music and entertainment industries. Striving to uplift creatives native to the Greater Boston Area, the group has served dozens of aspiring and developing artists and creatives by connecting them with meaningful opportunities to perform, grow and thrive. From placing Boston artists at original talent showcases for SoundCloud to booking artists' first professional photoshoots, SMG strives to put Boston on the map, one project at a time.

Artist Statement:

SMG approaches every project with the goal of discovery. Every day incredible artists go unheard because of outstanding circumstances, curator bias, and lack of confidence. SMG is committed to combating these obstacles so artists can focus on what they love to do: creating.

Project Description:

The Blair B*tch Project (BBP) is a Halloween Party & Concert highlighting creative women in the Greater Boston Area. Combining Halloween festivities with an all women line-up of DJs, artists and entertainers, BBP centers the rich cultural contributions of women to Boston's art, music and entertainment communities.

Our goal is secure a high profile independent artist that embodies unapologetic Black feminine energy and place them center stage alongside prominent creative women in Boston. With a variety of women breaking barriers in music, art and fashion within Boston, we see no shortage of talent to choose from. Furthermore, with the draw of a larger artist this platform would not only uplift local creatives in the public eye, but also compensate them for their continued contribution to the culture.

This project will resonate with BIPOC communities in Boston by increasing representation of local Black women in music, fashion & entertainment and establishing a unique space exclusively for them. With a focus on honoring women-identifying artists at all stages in their creative journeys, we anticipate a large draw from youth hoping to celebrate the Halloween festivities, peers who have long supported them and fans of the larger artist we are providing a platform for.