Paige and Lotachi were born and raised in Roxbury MA. We are both connected to the community and are advocates of healing through education, self love, empowerment, and creativity. Lotachi has studied and worked as a doula, certified lactation counselor, herbalist and certified pre and perinatal massage therapist. Paige is a community educator working in early childhood education and elementary education. She has more recently been working as an educational coordinator supporting teachers in the development of their curriculum and individual supports for students. Lotachi and Paige have always honored the importance of self expression through creativity. They both had a love for photography and have made a connection between photography and womxn's empowerment. Together we started a photographer business taking intimate portraits of womxn called Eclipse Boudoir. As photographers, we are able to find beauty in the body and utilize our photographic practice to encourage people to find freedom in self love and to redefine the rigid standards of beauty.


Artist Statement

We are motivated by creativity, healing and womxn's empowerment. Our work is motivated by our desire to have fellowship with and support womxn. We believe that self expression, self love and creativity are important mediums to healing. We are motivated to support the redefinition of standards of beauty to include people of all body types, ethnicities, ages, and colors. We want womxn to feel confident and comfortable in their sensuality and sexuality 

Project Description:

We would like to have an holistic healing and wellness event. The event connects to our work because It is intended to promote healing, self love and self empowerment, the main principles and desired outcomes of our photography business.

The event will be out doors. We would like to invite different holistic healers to attend and share resources, services and products with the attendees. For example, herbalist that can share tinctures and have a session where they make herbal medicine that participants can take home, a person who has a session on journalling and collaging as a part of self expression and self knowledge and has the materials for a workshop available for participants to engage, mental health care professionals, comfortable seating for people to gather, rest, talk and engage in the healing of being in community with one another, body work therapist, an inclusive and culturally resonant nutritionist, body movement including hip movement and connecting to our root chakra, music, body adornment and so forth. We want to provide a variety of experiences that meet the needs of the community to promote health, healing and community. 

This would resonate with BIPOC because mental health and healing is an important reality that needs attention and care. We need to talk about it. We need to show that is is okay to embrace. We need to be open and honest about the ways that we need to be healed and the resources that exist to support that healing. The conversation of healing is a conversation that cant be had enough.