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Born and raised in Boston Ma! Fell in love with hip hop at a very young age listening to poetic artist 2pac, Scarface, and Lauryn Hill. It was something about there words that moved me even at a young age. When I create I use my pain, my street smart and my whole heart. I Rap and I sing and I want to do this till I die. I need funds to get better production and to market correctly to the right crowd. This grant will be more then a blessing! It will help me and my team (Mind Flex Records)be able to focus more on our music instead of relying on our 9 to 5s to pay the way so that when it’s time to create we will have the energy. Hope to hear from y’all soon - Ju$Mack


Artist Statement:

The love from my family and friends motivate me the most. Without them their is no me. Not saying that I can’t do it alone but with my people in my corner it’s more fun and easy to navigate this confusing industry. My process to making music is lead with love. I use my word and beat selection to promote love and understanding! But most of all I just have fun! Artist I look up yo are 2pac, Lauryn Hill, and Scarface! There are many more but to keep this short I choose these 3 because they had the most impact in my life. 2pac taught me how to demand respect and be a stand up guy! Lauryn Hill touch me self respect and how to love the right way! Scarface taught me how to manage my mental health! So much I have learned from music and I have so much I want to teach to anyone who would listen.

Project Description:

I have a project I’m working on called “Mackaveli’. It’s a 5 track ep of song about what beings a Mack means to me. Subject matter is love, love lost, street life and consequences and black consciousness. It has a 70’s feel to it that is very much intentional.

I feel my music will resonate because I’m addressing the black mans plight. Music like mine is a mixture of the new and old. Made for generations before and after. I’m trying to uplift the culture not tear it down