I’m a multifaceted being who creates and curates spaces with the intent of encouraging the collective to heal and break cycles that are self destructing and holding them back from the life they desire.


Artist Statement:

My motivation is me realizing that my purpose being on this journey is to lead by example as I experience becoming conscious in breaking generational curses and evolving as a highly gifted and aware being. I see that there are parts of the collective that are lost, broken, wounded, and misguided and because I’ve become aware of my shadow side it’s crucial I bring people to the awareness in regards to the balance and harmony they too can have/create.

Project Description:

To invest in the continuance of Wine and Wellness events for the community. This includes booking spaces to host, investing in props to enhance those spaces (journals, rugs, crystals, yoga mats, blankets, singing bowls, lights, refreshers, holding space to compensate holistic vendors, massage/sound therapy, etc)

This project would resonate with BIPOC because we as a collective have a ton of healing to do and because the real and rooted work starts within, it’s important we grasp that forward and impactful change can’t begin with anything or anyone outside of self and has to start inward. In relation to this our youth need us to lead by example in teaching them healthy coping mechanism, self control, and keeping up with healthy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual habits/practices. What better way to do this than by showing and including, not withholding and excluding.