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Kyara Andrade-Howell also known as DJ TROY Frost is a DJ and educator from Dorchester and Roxbury. She got her start as an educator in 2008 working as a facilitator, then DEI consultant for VISIONS Inc until 2021. In 2014, she hosted the TROY Frost Block Party on Juniper Street, which featured local DJs and vendors. After graduating from Barnard College in 2017, she worked for Boston Public Schools as a paraprofessional and substitute teacher. In 2019, she piloted The Breaks, an enrichment program which gave 15 Boston youth an introduction to the pillars of Hip Hop. She now works part time as a library coordinator at Commumity Charter School of Cambridge and teaches an Art of Hip Hop elective at Fenway High School via Transformative Culture Project. She hopes to one day grow The Breaks curriculum into a learning center and multi-purpose space where children of African descent growing up in working class communities, can learn self-awareness, life-skills and practice the Hip Hop elements.

Artist Statement

I am motivated by my experiences as a young person and witnessing the experience of my peers and loved ones trying to navigate through life. Growing up I witnessed my loved ones struggle with their mental, emotional and physical health. As I learn more about how to take care of myself and correct misinformation, I want to find creative ways to support my community in becoming more healthy and taking ownership of their health and life. When I learned the origin story of hip hop it changed me. The elements were first created by Black Indigenous children and teens experiencing extreme poverty and now it’s a billion dollar industry. It shows creativity and resiliency and speaks to our spirit as a people. I feel motivated to make the Hip Hop elements available to its descendants. I want to use my work to make health and hip hop accessible to working class Black people.

Project Description:

A Heal Thy Self Park Jam (hip hop & health)

This event would be an opportunity for BIPOC Boston to engage with the Hip Hop elements and be made aware of Boston-based Black-owned health-centered businesses and resources. The hope is that folks will leave feeling more connected to each other and more supported in their health goals. Since the pandemic, people have become more aware of their health. I think it would resonate because not only would it be an opportunity for people to learn about resources and health-related black business in the city, but they'd also have a safe place to gather with their families, which is essential in the summer.

Time Frame:
July or August 2022

10am - 11:30am (set up)
5:30pm - 6pm (break down)

Hip Hop Elements
1.Graffiti & visual art - live painting
2.DJin - Live DJs & a host dj opens - DJ TROY Frost, DJ Why Sham, 1 more local DJ
3.MCin - Rap performances - Red Shaydez & Brandie Blaze perform Tia Tamera, Seefour & Clark D. perform HARD, Merci D.
4.Dancin’ - Afro beat fit in one area and yoga in one area (1-3)
5.Knowledge of self - health vendors

Potential Health Vendors
(Informational booths explaining what a healthy diet and lifestyle can look like)
Cafe Juice Up - smoothies & patties
Essential Body Herbs
Faith’s Naturals
Veggie Oasis
Dr. A of