Hello my artist name is Jnasofly. I was born and raised in Boston, Ma. Im Haitian American and I just recently had my first baby. I was pursuing music and my project; Project 9
before I got pregnant. I had to take a break like most mothers do, but now I'm even more motivated on chasing my dreams because of my son and new found family. I want to inspire and help people spiritual find true peace, in this dark world I want to be a light.

Work Samples:

Artist Statement:

Im motivated by pain and sufferings, it motivates me to spread love and positivity. I don't like to see people stuffer or Lost. Im also motivated by my family and God. I want to do a film series about Christians with spiritual gifts and also break the stigma on mental health. My film project is called project 9. Im creating the sound track first! I want to bring exposure through my music first. 

Project Description:

I would like to start my project. I have all the ideas written,I just need some funding. I want to get a shed and turn it into a creative studio where me and local artists can create. I would also use the money for merchandise, promotion/marketing, music video, a good camera, producer, etc all things that go into creating an album soundtrack. When completed I want to throw a free release party in the studio. As a community we can all get together and have a great time.