Jameel Johnson


26 year old singer-songwriter, dancer, designer, activist, and visual artist from Roxbury, MA.

Artist Statement:

What motivates my work is everyday life. The environment I come from, the music I grew up on, the love and support from my family and peers, the hunger to see my work pay off, and the urge to bring my visions to fruition.

Project Description:

My initial concept for the grant is to help fund my EP and promotion for it. My plan is to release my third body of work this coming spring. In order to make that happen, I'd need some extra funds to continue/speed up the recording process, devise a roll-out plan (Promo/marketing) and to shoot a couple visuals to accompany the music as well.

This project would resonate with BIPOC communities in Boston, because not only am I personally a part of the community and a native of the city, but the theme of the project highlights stepping into your purpose, taking ownership of who you are, overcoming hardships, and reinforcing affirmations. For the visuals I plan on shooting for this project, I want to include local artists, such as dancers, actors, and models, to make it more of an inclusive/communal art piece.