Allegra Fletcher is an Afro Caribbean Latina artist, educator, scholar and community cultivator. She centers the experiences and perspectives of marginalized peoples in all of her work, promoting equity between persons, across communities, and within institutions. Allegra holds her BA from Bryn Mawr College, her EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is currently a Masters of Theology student at Boston University School of Theology. Allegra was selected as part of the 2021 cohort of WBUR ARTery 25, and you can find her article, “The Art of Belonging: Exploring the Impact of the Garífuna on Honduran Culture and Identity”, published through Palgrave Macmillan in December 2021. You can follow her artistic journey on Instagram: @allegrafletcher


Artist Statement:

I am a storyteller, and I am passionate about individuals feeling seen and heard within the context of wider community. Very often we miss important stories and perspectives because they are unheard, not because they are unseen. I enjoy cultivating spaces where margin and center are redefined, and mean what we (marginalized communities) want or need them to mean in a given moment. Marginalization and centralization are verbs, and within spaces QTBIPoC create for ourselves, we can determine and transform the power and meaning they hold.

Project Description:

Altar Call
Altars have long been sites of encounter with the Divine. They are places associated with the sacred Altars tell stories - they are constructed in places where Divine encounter has happened, after the fact, and they are constructed to facilitate Divine encounter, set up as prepared and set apart spaces where encounter can happen.

Encounter, however, is sticky. Ideas of the Divine and of holy, pure, sacred, and worth have been the cause great hope, as well as great pain. Queer and BIPOC bodies have been desacralized. This project is an invitation to share a work/story engaging your body, mind, and spirit as sacred, or sharing a work/story engaging with the concepts of “divine”, “sacred”, “holy”, “pure”. It is an invitation to share an altar call moment.

What do you experience when you are called to the altar? Transformation, pain, peace, joy, stillness, silence. We all have many stories, often contradictory, to share. Let us put our stories in conversation with one another.

Will select 5 entrants to perform for an evening event, will host up to 10 entrants on a dedicated web spaceVision for

Event Structure
- Welcome folks into the space
- Lead participants through an interactive liturgy that we’ll construct together to center ourselves for the evening.
- The selected artists from those who shared their stories will perform their pieces for the evening.
- A moment for facilitated group dialogue regarding the topic and/or performances.
- Closing ceremony, close the evening.