Work Samples:



Alex Drumm Jr is a visual artist that enjoys for reinventing the way people perceive each other, their own environment and themselves. Alex Drumm Jr graduated from Denison University of Spring 2020 and during his senior year, he conducted a research documentary on bringing to life African Americans experiences and to juxtapose how their is and isn't a consciousness lifestyle shared between African Americans varying from location and socio-economic background.

After graduating, Drumm has had a few short films becoming finalist at the 2020 Rome Prisma International Film Awards and has had their work appear in a few local film festivals in Massachusetts. Now he is continuing to scribe stories that change the perspective of the black narrative in film while also bringing parts of reality into the worlds around these characters.

He is currently working on his next film entitled "Waiting For The Sun to Exhale" which is about a man going through a break and travels through the stages of grief in order to have healing and peace at the end.


Artist Statement:

What motivates my work is my environment and life itself. I love pulling aspects that actually occurred and figuring out how can I best bring this concept to life so I can give my pieces a deeper meaning. I feel that every day that passes brings forth new challenges , ideas and also perceptions that may defer from the following days. By bringing elements of my environment or actual life itself, I can create a conversation where my audience can interact with the medium while also being self reflective in their own process.

Project Description:

The film is about a man going through a breakup and throughout his journey of constant reflection , he's able to phase through the stages of grief in order to fully process his true emotions while also giving him time to breathe and heal. This grant would cover the equipment food, compensation for actors and crew and as well as all the behind the scenes attributes to ensure a successful production.

This project would resonate with BIPOC communities in Boston because this film tackles the idea of grief and allows BIPOC individuals that embracing your feelings and change is natural . Especially for Black men , who are trained to not talk or dive into their emotional state. This film breaks that barrier and makes it ok for guys to cry and for guys to mourn a relationship while also illustrating the struggle to sometimes get back to at peace with yourself.